Scholars in Residence Program

Pennypacker Fellowships:  State Library and PHMC Scholars in Residence Program

The Pennypacker Fellowship/Scholars in Residence program is no longer funded. This page will remain for posterity and to provide links to former Scholars' research.

The Scholars in Residence and Pennypacker Fellowship Programs supported short-term, full-time research and study in collections maintained by the State Library and at Commission facilities, including the Pennsylvania State Archives, The State Museum of Pennsylvania, and the State Historic Preservation Office, and at many of the Commission’s historic sites and museums throughout the Commonwealth.

The programs had a four-fold purpose:

  • to promote the interpretation of Pennsylvania history;

  • to encourage research that draws upon the State Library and Historical Commission collections;

  • to promote the dissemination of research findings to both the professional community of scholars and the public; and

  • to develop collegial relationships between scholars and Commonwealth staff.

Stipends were awarded for a period of up to eight consecutive weeks at the rate of $400 per week.

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Program Coordinators can be contacted at:

Josh Stahlman, PHMC Pennypacker Fellowship Program Coordinator: (717) 772-3257,

Iren Snavely, State Library of Pennsylvania Pennypacker Fellowship Program Coordinator: (717) 783-5982,