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Dual and Concurrent Enrollment
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See the Curriculum section on this Home Education website, where Dual Enrollment (students participating in curricular subjects at the school) and Concurrent Enrollment (enrollment in an institution of higher learning) are discussed.


While a school district is not obligated to allow dual enrollment for homeschoolers or privately tutored students, they must allow homeschooled students to participate in concurrent enrollment if it is offered to the students in their public school. See 24 P.S. § 16-1602-B and 22 Pa Code § 11.33.


For reimbursement purposes for dual enrollment, membership and attendance of nonpublic school students in a private tutoring program or a home education program lawfully enrolled part-time in the public schools, shall be calculated by counting the time the students spend in the public school program on a pro rata basis. See 22 Pa Code § 11.33.


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