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Resources and Publications for School Libraries
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The following publications have been developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Eudcation.

But I changed the words...Educating the cut and paste generation (PDF)
   A brochure to educate teacher and students about ePlagarism.

Measuring up to Standards: the Impact of School Library Programs & Information Literacy in PA Schools (PDF)
   Pennsylvania school library programs can make a difference supporting the efforts of schools to measure up to standards. Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) reading scores increase with increases in the following characteristics of school library programs: staffing, information technology, and integration of information literacy into the curriculum. In addition, as library staffing, information resources and information technology rise, so too does the involvement of school librarians in teaching students and teachers how to find and assess information. The relationship between staffing and test scores is not explained away by other school or community conditions. 

Measuring up to Standards Findings: the Impact of School Library Programs & Information Literacy in PA Schools (PDF)
    This study establishes that there is a link between the presence of adequate school library staffing and higher academic achievement (as indicated by PSSA reading scores).  School library staffing is correlated with such scores.  As library staffing rises, reading scores rise.

Pennsylvania School Libraries: Key Players in Education (Color version) (PDF) 
Pennsylvania School Libraries: Key Players in Education (Black & White version) (PDF)
   Pennsylvania’s school libraries are key players in providing students with opportunities to become critical seekers of knowledge, users of technology and independent life-long learners in the global society of the Information Age.  Since “a primary goal of public education is to prepare students to be engaged and effective citizens” school librarians provide instruction in information literacy skills at all levels, primary grades through high school.  

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