Searching for Small Diverse Businesses  
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The Small Diverse Business program shall include companies verified by the Dept. of General Services (DGS), Bureau of Small Business Opportunities (BSBO). A Small Diverse Business is a DGS verified minority-owned business, woman-owned business, veteran-owned business, or service disabled veteran-owned business. The Bureau of Small Business Opportunities (BSBO) maintains an up-to-date, searchable database of all verified Minority, Woman, Veteran, and Service Disable Veteran-owned businesses. Please note, when searching the online database, you must click the "Search" button to pull up a list of certified companies or commodity codes; simply hitting the 'Enter' key will produce no results.

We encourage all vendors to use the online search whenever possible. However, if you need more than a few commodities or services, or you have problems using the online search, please feel free to email BSBO or call (717) 783-3119.

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