Secretary's Letters

These letters are intended to provide general guidance and clarification regarding the position of the Secretary of Banking with respect to the issues addressed at the time the letter was issued. You should contact your attorney for legal advice.

Please be advised that the positions set forth in the Secretary's letters are subject to change for reasons including (but not limited to) the amendment of statutes administered by the Department.

The Secretary’s letters are listed under the institutions to which they apply.

Depository Institutions

    •   Banks
    •   Bank and Trust Companies
    •   Credit Unions
    •   Savings Banks
    •   Trust Companies 

Non-Depository Institutions

    •   Check Cashers
    •   Credit Services Loan Brokers
    •   Consumer Discount Companies
    •   Money Transmitters
    •   Mortgage Licensees
    •   Motor Vehicles Sales Finance Act
    •   Pawnbrokers

    •   Debt Management/Debt Settlement Services


    •   Licensing
    •   Corporation Finance