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Welcome to Pennsylvania’s Small Business Procurement Initiative

On November 21, 2011, Governor Tom Corbett signed Executive Order 2011-09 establishing the Small Business Procurement Initiative and directing the Department of General Services (DGS) to develop initiatives to create more opportunities in procurement for small businesses. The executive order firmly establishes the Commonwealth’s commitment to providing opportunities for small businesses to compete for prime contracting opportunities with the goal of promoting the economic growth and success of small businesses.

For the first time, small businesses will be able to bid on prime state contracting opportunities without having to compete with larger, more established firms. In addition, the program sets out to eliminate many of the barriers small businesses face by reducing paperwork bureaucracy, loosening bonding requirements and expediting payments. Training programs will also be offered to all self-certified businesses.

DGS looks forward to providing updates to the program on this website as they develop, as online self-certification is only the first step to launching the SBPI. We encourage you to review all the program information presented on this page as well as the links to additional information on the DGS program as well as other small business assistance programs offered through other state agencies.

Eligibility Requirements

Businesses interested in participating as a small business in the Small Business Procurement Initiative, must first register to do business with the Commonwealth and self-certify as a “small business.” To self-certify and participate in the Small Business Procurement Initiative, a business must meet each of the following requirements:
  • The business must be a for-profit, United States business.
  • The business must be independently owned.
  • The business may not be dominant in its field of operation.
  • The business may not employ more than 100 full-time equivalent employees.
  • The business, by type, may not exceed the following three-year average gross sales*:
    • Procurement Goods - $20 million
    • Procurement Services - $20 million
    • Construction - $20 million
    • Building Design Services - $7 million
    • Information Technology Goods and Services - $25 million

*If a business has not existed for three years, the average gross sales are computed for the period of the business’ existence. For newly formed businesses, the determination is based upon projected gross sales. In order for a business to operate in more than one of the five general business classifications, its combined operations cannot exceed the lowest three-year average gross sales for the business types selected.


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