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  Based on feedback from the contracting community, the self-certification process focuses on collecting only the information absolutely necessary to confirm an applicant's status as a small business and makes this process a direct extension of the already existing process for registering to become a PA Supplier.

Follow these steps to complete the SBPI Self-Certification process:


Both the PA Supplier Portal and the SBPI Self-Certification Application are most compatible with Internet Explorer version 7.0.  If you are using Internet Explorer version 8.0 or 9.0, please use the compatibility mode functionality to ensure the best performance.  To initiate compatibility mode for Internet Explorer version 8.0 and 9.0, click the button indicated below in your browser's toolbar.

If additional information or assistance is needed, view this How To Video.

  If you haven't registered as a supplier to do business with the Commonwealth through www.pasupplierportal.state.pa.us, you must complete that process first. This process assigns your company a vendor number and ensures that if awarded a contract, the Commonwealth has all the necessary information for your company to be paid. Additional information and instructions for this process can be found in the Supplier Registration Guide.
  Scan the first page of your company's three most recent federal tax returns which will be required for verifying your annual gross sales. You may redact your federal tax identification number if desired. Only page 1 of the returns are needed. The acceptable file format for upload is PDF.
· Federal form 1120, the U.S. Corporation Income Tax Return
· Federal form 1120S, the U.S. Corporation Income Tax for an S Corporation
· Federal form 1065, the U.S. Return of Partnership Income
· Federal form 1040 schedule C, Profit or Loss from Business, Sole Proprietorship
If your company has not filed a federal tax return for any year, you will be prompted to enter estimated gross sales information. If your company has not yet filed a federal tax return because you have filed for an extension, please contact BSBO at 717-783-3119 or RA-smallbusiness@pa.gov for a copy of an extension letter which must be completed by your company’s CPA. This letter will be uploaded in place of the return to act as a temporary placeholder until the return is filed.
  When ready to begin the SBPI Self-Certification, begin by returning to the PA Supplier Portal at www.pasupplierportal.state.pa.us and logging in.
  Once logged in, click on Bidder Tab:
  Click Enterprise Applications:
STEP 6 (if applicable):

At this point, you may be presented with one of the following pop-ups.  Please note:  the answer to select may vary depending on your internet browser and version.

If your pop-up looks like this, click Yes


If your pop-up looks like this, click No.


  Choose Small Business Procurement Initiative 
From here, you will be directed to a brief Program Overview as well as a full outline of the Eligibility Requirements. Read this information carefully before proceeding to Step 1 of the certification process, as it describes the size and gross sales limitations of the program. Here are a few helpful hints as you proceed:
  • If you have any questions along the way, use the Email Help button at the top right of the application screen. That button will open an email to a monitored resource account, with answers provided by SBPI staff.
  • Please use a legitimate email address that you are able to check, as at the end of this process, you will receive an email confirmation of your completed self-certification and a PDF SBPI Certificate.
  • If you are unable to complete the process in one sitting, use the "Save and Continue Later" button , which will save all info entered to that point and allow you easy return access to complete the process in a second (or third) sitting.
  • Do not use your internet browser's back button. If you need to go back, click on the Step buttons along the top of the application screen.
Additional information on the program can be found at www.smallbusiness.pa.gov.
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