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IDEA Reauthorized Statute
Office of Special Education Programs
“One Pagers”
  1. Alignment with the No Child Left Behind Act

  2. Discipline

  3. Disproportionality and Overidentification

  4. Changes in Initial Evaluation and Reevaluation

  5. Early Intervening Services

  6. Highly Qualified Teachers

  7. Individualized Education Program (IEP)

  8. Individualized Education Program (IEP) Team Meetings and Changes to the IEP

  9. I – Procedural Safeguards Regarding Surrogates, Notice and Consent

  10. II – Procedural Safeguards Regarding Mediation and Resolution Sessions

  11. III – Procedural Safeguards Regarding Due Process Hearings

  12. I – State Funding

  13. II – Local Funding

  14. Part C Option: Age 3 to Kindergarten Age

  15. Children Enrolled By Their Parents in Private Schools

  16. Statewide and District-wide Assessments
These documents are available through the OSEP web site at: http://www.ideapartnership.org/whatsnew.cfm