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Lenape Vocational Technical School

Program Title:  Vocational Evaluation for Students With an Individualized Education Program (IEP)

Goals/Objectives:  To gather a variety of information on a student’s interests, skills, abilities, and aptitudes to establish appropriate career and transition goals for IEP development, technical program selection, and other support service planning. 

Brief Description of Program:  All students from each of the four participating school districts (Armstrong, Apollo-Ridge, Freeport, Leechburg) spend a day at Lenape Tech in the fall of their sophomore year during 10th grade tours. The students visit each shop area and each academic department to learn about program offerings. Transition interviews are conducted and students decide, with IEP team support, whether they are interested in and appropriate for a referral to Lenape Tech. All 10th graders with an IEP, whether they are interested in a vocational education or not, are scheduled for a vocational evaluation. This full day process consists of a variety of assessments. It is also planned that all 7th grade students in Armstrong County will be administered the Keys2Work Process. Keys2Work is a career exploration, remediation, and certification process to guide career choice and instructional support.

Results of Activity:  IEP teams and the student are provided critical information on student skills, aptitudes, and interests to appropriately plan and prepare for a meaningful, successful career. 

Evaluation Tools & Procedures: 

Self-Directed Search (SDS), Piney Mountain Press Learning and Working Styles Inventory, Talent Assessment Program (TAP), Choices Program, the Differential Aptitude Test, and Keys2Work. 

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Contact Information
Carla Thimons
Special Programs Coordinator
Lenape Vocational Technical School
2215 Chaplin Avenue
Ford City, PA 16226
724-763-7116, x320

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