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North Montco Technical Career Center 2
Program Title – Student Success Plan
Goals/Objectives:  To give guidance for students who have the ability to be successful, but are at risk due to poor attendance, discipline referrals, or decreasing grades.
Brief Description of Program: 
  1. Team
    1. Parent
    2. Student
    3. Teacher
    4. IEP case manager
    5. Guidance counselor
    6. Administrative supervisor
    7. Sending school case manager

  2. Meeting to Discuss
    1. 3-5 areas of concern
    2. Create a plan for success
    3. Provide interventions for student
    4. List rewards if contract is followed
    5. List consequences to occur if plan is not followed

  3. Administration Hearing
    1. Team will reconvene
    2. Meeting
    3. Withdraw student
Results of Activity:  Out of 525 special needs students, 62 students were on success plans for the 2007-2008 school year. Of the 62, eight were not successful with their plan and were withdrawn from the program, leaving 54 students remaining on success plans by the end of the year.
Conclusion = 87% of students on success plans reached their goals.
Evaluation Tools & Procedures:
Student Success Plans
 are developed by a team consisting of parent, student,  teacher, IEP case manager, guidance counselor, an administration supervisor, and sending school case manager. A success plan is a contract for students who are at risk within their program of concentration. At risk may be due to poor attendance, several discipline referrals, or decreasing grades. The team will meet and discuss the top 3-5 areas of concern and how we can create a plan to improve these areas of concern to make the student successful within his/her program. Once the areas of concern are addressed, a list of interventions will be created to help the student improve these areas. If the student should not follow the contract and accept the interventions, the team has included a list of consequences that will follow the contract to the next level of an administration hearing. If the contract is followed by the student, a list of rewards is given defining the success that the student will be able to reach. (This is on NMTCC STU-040 form.)

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