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Program Title – Reader’s Digest Version of the Specially Designed Instruction (SDI)

Goals/Objectives:  To provide a reliable reference to the records of a special needs student.

Brief Description of Program:  As the Special Education Department receives an IEP from the sending school, the first task is to copy the demographic page, the strength and needs page, and the specially designed instruction page.

  1. These copies are stapled together and distributed to the academic, lab, and physical education instructors.

  2. The case manager reviews the SDI with each instructor. The instructors maintain this version of the IEP in a locked cabinet in their classrooms.

  3. The instructors then have one week to read the full IEP and sign off on the IEP folder in the Special Education Office.

Results of Activity:  The Reader’s Digest version of the SDIs will always be at a hands reach for the instructor to review and understand the adaptations needed for each special needs student.

Evaluation Tools & Procedures:  Checking to see that the IEPs have been signed off on the IEP folder in the Special Education Office.

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