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Special Kids Network Service Coordination

Our Definition of Service Coordination


Service Coordination:

β€œIs a collaborative, cross systems approach to assist families and children with special needs to receive services and information in a manner that is easily accessible and is culturally and linguistically appropriate to support the development of the children throughout their lifespan.”


Special Kids Network – PA Elks Home Service Coordination


The PA Elks Home Service Program provides:

  • home visits by a nurse or social worker;
  • individualized help to navigate the system;
  • help with coordination of services;
  • support and advocacy services;
  • referrals to appropriate agencies in the community;
  • support and suggestions regarding home care;
  • help to access equipment and assistive technology;
  • advocacy for appropriate and inclusive educational services;
  • support  of vocational goals;
  • help with facilitating inclusion within the community;
  • assistance with residential options and accessible housing;
  • a liaison between individuals, families, and health care providers;
  • advocacy for client's legal and  human rights; and
  • emotional support.

To take advantage of these services call the Special Kids Network Helpline: 1-800-986-4550.