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Specialized Associate Degree (ASB/AST)

The State Board of Education, on January 14, 1982, adopted new regulations for specialized associate degree programs. This specialized associate degree was designed to recognize the role of the two-year postsecondary programs in business and technical fields directed towards specialized occupational training often offered by proprietary institutions. These degrees are titled Associate in Specialized Business (ASB) and C(AST).

Action by the State Board of Education provides procedures through adopted Regulation by which private licensed institutions may qualify to offer the ASB/AST degrees.

Associate in Specialized Business (ASB) or Associated in Specialized Technology (AST), is more heavily oriented toward a specific occupational goal, with 70-80 percent of work in the major area of specialization and 20-30 percent of the work in general education studies.

As of May 2013 there are 92 ASB/AST degree-granting schools in Pennsylvania.

The credits offered in these courses may or may not be transferable to degree granting institutions. Potential students planning to obtain a four-year degree should check with the higher education institution they plan to attend.

List of ASB/AST Schools After web page opens, click on Advanced search; scroll down the document to Higher Education; check Specialized Associate Degree Granting; then click on Search

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