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This section puts a spotlight on a number of promising strategies underway in Pennsylvania's Career and Technology Centers (CTCs), regional schools that offer intensive career and technical education (CTE) for high school-aged and adult students.

The strategies are organized by the key practices identified as part of the Pennsylvania CTE Best Practices Initiative. These "spotlight profiles" complement a similar series of intensive case studies about particular CTC schools.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education's Bureau of Career and Technical Education (PDE/BCTE) launched a statewide initiative to increase the quality and impact of CTE programs, while ensuring that they are aligned with the Commonwealth’s economic and workforce development priorities.

The Pennsylvania CTE Best Practices Initiative, carried out by the Meeder Consulting Group on behalf of the PDE/BCTE, is documenting the strategies used by CTE programs to create standards aligned systems and to support those systems with people, processes and partnerships.  All of these strategies are aligned to the goal of increasing academic and technical achievement among students. 

Additional Best Practices, contributed by individual schools, are linked at left.


Integrate Literacy and Numeracy Strategies into CTE

Provide Extra Help to Strengthen Academic and/or Technical Skill Achievement

Deliver Personalized Student Support and Guidance

Develop a Standardized and Aligned Curriculum

Use Assessment Results to Target Instructional Strategies

Build a Culture of Targeted and Ongoing Professional Growth

Develop a Cohesive Team

Be Intentional and Systemic About Change

Make Program and Instructional Decisions Based on Data

Cultivate Relationships with Community, Business and Industry Partners

Strengthen Relationships with Education Partners

Supporting Adult and Displaced Workers

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