Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett


Governor Corbett reviewing tax dollar information

Balancing the Budget with Reduced Spending

    • Governor Corbett is committed to running a state government that lives within its means, putting an end to out-of-control and unsustainable spending and borrowing.

    • Since coming into office, Governor Corbett has signed two on-time budgets without raising taxes.

    • The Governor overcame $4.2 billion and $1 billion deficits by controlling state spending.

    • The typical Pennsylvania family would have had to pay an additional $1200 in taxes over the past two years if the Governor had raised income taxes to close the state deficit instead of controlling spending.

Protecting Taxpayer Dollars

    • Since 2011, the Governor has reduced state administrative spending by 6%.

    • The Governor’s Public-Private Partnerships effort clears the way for private industry to invest in our roadways and transportation infrastructure.

    • The Governor achieved Property Tax Relief, limiting the circumstances by which a school district can increase property taxes without a referendum approval by voters.

    • Governor Corbett reformed our Criminal Justice System, making the system more efficient and effective.

    • Governor Corbett has reduced the state vehicle fleet by more than 1,400 cars.

    • The Governor has reduced filled staffing levels in state government by 1,400 positions, or nearly 2 percent, for an annual savings of $105 million.

    • Governor Corbett has reduced employee travel costs by $2 million through more oversight and fiscal management.

    • The Governor successfully negotiated contracts with Pennsylvania’s two largest state employee unions that save taxpayers $415 million.

    Welfare reforms making the public assistance more effective and efficient by ensuring waste, fraud, and abuse is eliminated.

    • The Governor enhanced accessibility to information on state spending through PennWATCH, which creates an online database of all state spending information.

    • Since taking office, Governor Corbett has abolished Walking Around Money (WAMs) for legislators.

Phasing out Job Killing Taxes

    • The Governor continues to phase out the job-killing capital stock and franchise tax, a needless tax that penalizes companies for what they don’t sell.

    • The Governor eliminated the Inheritance Tax on farms, protecting Pennsylvania’s family farms.

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