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Board Services

Rules and regulations - A hard copy is available from the Board office upon request.  Remember to include your mailing address with your request.

Name Change- Will be made only when a copy of an official document (marriage certificate, divorce decree or court order) is submitted with a letter of request.  The fee for a duplicate license is $5.00 (check or money order) payable to the Commonwealth of PA.

Address Change- Written requests should include the old address, new address and certificate number and/or social security number.  The Board must be notified within 10 days of any change in address.

** For your convenience, you may download the Request for Changes to an Individual License to report a name change, address change or to request a duplicate license.

Request for Certification of Licensure/Examination Scores - A written request and the appropriate fee must be forwarded to the Board office OR you may submit your request on the Board's form Request for Certification of Licensure. This form may be downloaded or requested by calling the Board office at 717-783-4866. A written request must include name, current address, license number (if applicable), social security number, and a postage-paid, addressed envelope where the completed certification should be mailed.

The fees for this service are as follows:

Request for Certification of Licensure - $15.00

Request for Certification of Exam Scores - $25.00

Make fees payable to the "Commonwealth of Pennsylvania." NOTE: A $20.00 processing fee will be assessed for any payment returned by your bank, regardless of the reason for non-payment.

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Board application forms are available to be downloaded. 

It is not necessary to complete a paper application if you have submitted an online application.  Submitting both paper and online applications may delay the processing of your license.

EFFECTIVE 10/01/2010 The Required Checklist for Licensed Appraiser Trainee will NOT be accepted if submitted on legal size paper.

Application for Change of Compliance Person of Appraisal Management Company only to be Completed by Compliance Person

Application for Change of Key Person of Appraiser Management Company

Appraisal Management Company Change of Name and/or Address Application

Change of Ownership Application for Owner of Appraisal Management Company

 Initial Application for Certified Real Estate Appraiser 
Certified Pennsylvania Evaluator Application
Education Provider Approval Application
Experience Log for Application no physical inspection
Experience Log for Application physical Inspection
Experience Log for Application Review Appraisals
Request for Certification of License
Request for Changes to an Individual License
State-Certified Real Estate Appraiser Reciprocal Application
Temporary Practice Permit Application

Appraisal Management Company Registration Application

Education Worksheet

Supervisors Affidavit

Applicant Affidavit

Consent to Service Form 

Initial Certification Fee Schedule for Residential and General Appraisers 

Initial Certification Fee Schedule - Certified Pennsylvania Evaluator

Request for Certification - Appraisal Management Company

Required Checklist for Licensed Appraiser Trainee

Licensed Appraiser Trainee

Certified Pennsylvania Evaluator Course Form

Registry for Supervisor of Licensed Appraiser Trainee

Compliance Person of Appraisal Management Company Application

Key Person of Appraiser Management Company Application

Owner of Appraiser Management Company Application

Request for Bond Form

Certification Statement of Compliance Person for Appraisal Management Company

Verification Statement of Key Person for Appraisal Management Company

Verification Statement of Owner for Appraisal Management Company

Questions regarding practice of this profession may be directed to the Office of the State Board: 

Board Administrator, State Board of Certified Real Estate Appraisers, P.O. Box 2649, Harrisburg, PA  17105-2649, (717) 783-4866.  e-mail:

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Board Examination Information:

National Uniform Appraiser Examination 
Certified Pennsylvania Evaluator Examination 

For examination eligibility application contact:  State Board of Certified Real Estate Appraisers,  P. O. Box 2649, Harrisburg, PA   17105-2649.  Phone 717-783-4866; FAX 717-705-5540.   Completed applications are submitted directly to the Board Office.  The examination is administered by PSI.  There is no deadline to apply.  Fee is $145.00 (Appraisers and Pennsylvania Evaluators).  (Fees subject to change.)

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NOTICE: National Registry Fee Increase for Certified Residential and General Appraisers

Certified PA Evaluator   $225.00

General Appraiser        $225.00

Broker Appraiser          $225.00

Residential Appraiser    $225.00

Continuing Professional Education - Completion of twenty-eight (28) hours in programs approved by the Board.  A minimum of seven (7) continuing education hours are required on the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and two (2) continuing education hours on the Real Estate Appraisers Certification Act or Assessors Certification Act and the Board’s regulations and policies.

License renewal cycle and fees:
Certificates expire June 30 of every odd-numbered year.  The board mails renewal notices 2 to 3 months prior to the expiration date.  Notices are mailed to the most recent address the certificate-holder has reported to the Board.  The Postal Service does not forward licenses.
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State Board of Certified Real Estate Appraisers
P.O. Box 2649, Harrisburg, PA 17105-2649
Phone - (717) 783-4866
Fax - (717) 705-5540

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