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Online Initial Licensure :

Online INITIAL Licensure available for Vehicle Salespersons and Vehicle Representatives

Criminal Record Check :

A new Criminal History Record Check must be completed and provided to the Board office by:

  • All initial applicants
  • A licensee that is reactivating a license that does not have a current expiration date
  • Each officer of a new corporation
  • A new officer of an existing corporation
  • A licensee or applicant with an application pending in the Board office for three months or more, awating additional information

A license may be:

  • Current/Not Current - This refers to the expiration date.
    • If the license has not reached the expiration date it is current.
    • If the license has passed the expiration date it is not current.
  • Active/Inactive - This refers to the status of the license. A license may be either active or inactive while still being current.

You may request a Criminal History Record Check by contacting the State Police of the state in which you reside.

Pennsylvania residents may obtain a record check from the Pennsylvania State Police website: P.A.T.C.H.

Non-Pennsylvania residents may check the following list for out-of-state criminal history contacts to acquire the appropriate background check.
State Police Criminal History - Out of State List

PLEASE NOTE - The Criminal History Background Check is only valid for a period of 90 days and must include the Social Security Number and Date of Birth of the individual. Any questions about your Criminal History Background Check should be directed to the State Police.

Criminal Record Criteria:

If your Criminal History Background Check reveals a conviction of either a felony or misdemeanor offense (summary offenses are NOT included), please refer to the following list of documents that must accompany your application for EACH conviction, regardless of the time elapsed since the conviction: Criminal Record Criteria

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Hand Delivery of an Application :

When hand-delivering an application, a "Certification of Licensure" may be requested for an additional fee of $15.00. This Certificate will act as a temporary license and will allow for the immediate practice of car sales activities. The permanent license is mailed directly to the employing dealer's office to arrive within 10 business days.

If there is a felony or misdemeanor on the background check and/or if the applicant has answered "yes" to the quesiton regarding a felony or misdemeanor the application must be revied by the Vehicle Board Counsel upon receipt and WILL NOT BE PROCESSED ON THE SPOT. All required documents must be provided, regardless of the time elapsed since the incident. Such applications may be dropped off, but will not be processed immediately.

PLEASE NOTE: Hand delivery of an application is an option only available to applications for an individual who will be employed by an existing company. Any application involving the licensure of a proposed facility - including a change of address for a company that is already licensed - requires an inspection before the appplication process can be completed. Any application that requires inspection of a facility WILL NOT BE PROCESSED ON THE SPOT.

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Out-of-State RV Dealers:

Senate Bill 1019 requires all out-of-state RV dealers that come into PA to post a bond with the Bureau in the amount of $30,000 (if you already have a bond posted with PennDOT, please forward a copy with your application).

Out-of-State Recreational Vehicle Dealership Registration Application

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Senate Bill 921 makes several changes to the state Board of Vehicles Act making it easier for car dealers to own two or more makes of vehicles at the same location or relocate and add a new make.

Current Vehicle Board Policies

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