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The Office of the State Fire Commissioner through the State Fire Academy (SFA) at Lewistown is the catalyst for training delivery to the State’s fire and emergency response community.

The Local Level Training Program, a unique system involving the SFA, community colleges and county and local training facilities and organizations, provides a comprehensive curriculum of basic and mid level fire, rescue, hazardous material, officer development and fire department management courses deliverable to firefighters through county and local fire department programs.

The SFA’s Lewistown training facilities and staff support the Resident Training Program of mid-level, advanced and specialty training in fire, rescue, hazardous material, and officer development aimed at providing professional development opportunities for the State’s firefighters, fire officers, the academy’s cadre of field instructors and employees from other State agencies.

The SFA makes available a Firefighter Certification Program that measures individual knowledge and skills against nationally accepted professional standards to assist firefighters in maximizing their training and experience credentials.

The SFA assists fire and emergency response organizations in accessing training that will prepare them to meet NIMS (National Incident Management System) compliance requirements.