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PGC Mapping Center

Unveiled in June of 2013, the PGC Mapping Center has greatly enhanced both the quality and quantity of information available when it comes to mapping PA State Game Lands. Outdoor enthusiasts can now customize their own maps with this easy-to-use resource allowing users to search, discover and print State Game Lands maps with features including aerial photographs, topographic base maps, Wildlife Management Units and the ability to bookmark your favorites.

Learn Here! First, watch these short videos to learn how to use the Mapping Center.

Then, create personalized maps. PGC Mapping Center.


This official Pennsylvania Game Commission app is GPS enabled and designed to provide outdoor enthusiasts with easy access to all of Pennsylvania's State Game Lands. Using your smartphone or tablet's built-in navigation features, it provides turn-by-turn directions to parking lots, shooting ranges and check stations and includes details on seasons and regulations for the destinations you select. It sells for $9.99.

Using the internal map function, each destination can be viewed on a roadmap, with satellite imagery or in a hybrid view allowing you to identify the key features of the local area.

Simple menus allow you to search for State Game Lands by SGL number or WMU or to list State Game Lands closest to your present location. All results appear in distance order allowing you to find the nearest State Game Lands access no matter where you are.

Looking for State Game Lands beyond your current location? Just enter any Pennsylvania city into the search criteria to plan your next adventure. You can even save your favorite destinations for future use.

Use the "Report Your Harvest" feature to phone in or input your harvests and follow turn-by-turn directions to check stations.

The "Find Game Commission Facilities" feature provides turn-by-turn directions and contact information to Pennsylvania Game Commission offices and facilities.

Significant enhancements are planned in coming months. It is our goal to continually improve this product.

Make the most of your next State Game Lands outing with "PA State Game Lands" – an official app of the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

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For your shooting enjoyment and to make you a better hunter, the Game Commission maintains public shooting ranges across the state.

SEASONAL ROADS openings for Hunting & Trapping
Providing hunter access to the State Game Lands System is a Game Commission priority. There are more than 400 miles of roads opened seasonally on State Game Lands statewide. These roads are important to the public; their seasonal openings based on hunting seasons, road conditions and safety. This listing provides location maps, descriptions of State Game Lands roads, and their opening and closing dates.

DESIGNATED ROUTES for Horses and Bicycles
For each region, there is a list of designated routes. These route designations, which total more than 1,000 miles, are in compliance with State Game Lands use regulations that went into effect on February 1, 2003. Under the new regulations, anyone who rides a non-motorized vehicle, conveyance or animal on State Game Lands must do so only on designated routes. Such riding activities will not be permitted, except on Sundays or on roads open to public travel, from the last Saturday in September to the third Saturday in January, and after 1 p.m. from the second Saturday in April to the last Saturday in May. This does not apply to anyone lawfully engaged in hunting, trapping or fishing on State Game Lands.

The following list is of the designated routes for snowmobile use on State Game Lands. These routes are open, provided there is sufficient snow, from the third Sunday in January through April 1. Riders may only use snowmobiles that are registered and display valid registration decal as required under 75 Pa.C.S. § § 7711.1 and 7711.2 (relating to registration of snowmobile or ATV; and limited registration of snowmobile or ATV).


Seedlings for Wildlife Habitat
The Game Commission's Howard Nursery produces bare root
seedlings for wildlife food and cover on our state game lands.

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