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The AMDM cluster includes most durable goods industries.
The AFP cluster begins with the growing of food crops, including grains and livestock, and ends with the wholesale and retail distribution of these products.
The Bio-Medical sub-cluster includes industries that are involved in the development and use of technology to enhance life from a health perspective, such as research laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing, surgical and medical equipment manufacturing, and imaging centers.
The BC cluster includes industries directly involved in the construction of housing, roadways or other physical structures.
The BFS cluster includes a wide range of services available to today’s businesses from business support services to waste management.
The ED cluster provides a full view of educational institutions in the commonwealth, encompassing elementary schools through universities as well as technical schools and junior colleges.
The ENGY cluster includes industries directly involved in extracting materials used to generate both traditional and alternative energy; producing, transmitting, distributing or supplying this energy or energy efficient technologies; or engaged in manufacturing items exclusively used to produce this energy.
The Health Care sub-cluster is comprised of industries that provide for the health and well-being of Pennsylvania residents.
The ICS cluster includes businesses engaged in the production and dissemination of information such as motion pictures and newspapers.
The LT cluster isolates industries that are related to the storage, transportation and distribution of goods.
The LWP cluster begins with logging and moves through sawmills to the manufacturing of wood furniture and paper products.
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