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Teaching archaeology is an excellent way to promote awareness of the past and an understanding of the consequences of human behavior and decision-making. An understanding of the role of archaeology in interpreting our heritage can lead to a sense of stewardship and support for the protection of archaeological sites.

This area of the Pennsylvania Archaeology Web site provides resources for teaching archaeology to elementary and secondary school children, primarily in the fourth through eighth grades:

Teaching curriculums for viewing and for downloading in Adobe Acrobat format.

Summaries of archaeology project reports for students and teachers

A resource list of books on archaeology

A list of Museums & Tours with archaeological exhibits or collections on display

Why does archaeology even matter? Find out in the Value of Archaeology.

Field School Opportunities is the perfect way to get experience in the field, learn archaeological methods, and possibly receive school credit.

Teach your students how to preserve our past for the future. Learn how Recording Sites with the Bureau for Historic Preservation can benefit everyone.

If you want to learn more about archaeology, pick up a book! Archaeology publications features books about archaeology and Native Americans that are available online.

The Virtual Tour of State Museum gives your students a view of the archaeology gallery at the State Museum of Pennsylvania before they come to visit.

The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission's archaeology programs offer a variety of educational, research, and historic preservation opportunities for everyone! Find out how teachers and students can participate in Archaeology Programs at the PHMC.

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