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Pennsylvania's Surplus Property Programs!

State Surplus Property Program (other than vehicles) - Offers state-owned equipment and supplies for sale to the general public, through our Distribution Center in Harrisburg,  special sales held periodically throughout the state, or  online auctions.  We also offer private online sales for municipalities on heavy equipment and annual contract bids for vendors on recyclable materials.

Federal Surplus Property Program - Available eligible entities to receive.  Federally-owned equipment and supplies are donated to eligible organizations. 

Fixed Price Sales Vehicles Program - Offers fleet vehicles from the General Services Administration to eligible organizations. 

Law Enforcement 1033 Excess Property Program - Offers a vast array of line-of-duty items.  Restricted to Law Enforcement Agencies only.

Law Enforcement 1122 New Property Program - Is a Federal Cooperative Purchasing Program. It is restricted to Law Enforcement Agencies.


Warehouse and Distribution Division - operates warehouses in the Harrisburg area, providing a full array of storage and distribution services for Commonwealth agencies.


TSA Surplus Property - Property from various airport locations such as pocket knives, corkscrews, sports items, tools, etc. as well as lost and found property such as glasses, clothing, canes, etc.  Available for sale at the Harrisburg State Surplus Distribution Center or online at search our seller name “Pennsylvania State Surplus, PA” at www.GovDeals.com for our most current listings.


Contact Us

Bureau of Supplies and Surplus Operations

2221 Forster Street

Harrisburg, PA  17125


Phone:  (717) 787-6159

Fax:  (717) 772-2491



General Email Boxes


Federal Surplus Division - RA-PASurplusProperty@pa.gov

State Surplus Division - GS-statesurplus@pa.gov

Warehouse and Distribution Division - RA-Whs&Dist@pa.gov

Commonwealth Recycling Office - RA-CARO@pa.gov




BSSO Bureau Contact  


Mary Beth Stringent

 Bureau of Supplies & Surplus Operations
2221 Forster Street 
 Harrisburg, PA  17125



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TSA Property available for sale in the Distribution Center in Harrisburg and ONLINE HERE!!!


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