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PDF Documents ct_bulletin_2014-04.pdf Corporation Tax Bulletin 2014-04 - The Application of Sale of Restricted Tax Credits
PDF Documents misc_bulletin_2008-02.pdf Reproduced Forms and Substitute Forms
PDF Documents st_bulletin_2012-01.pdf Sales and Use Tax Bulletin 2012-01 -- Sales/use Tax Issues for Mining Site Preparation
PDF Documents ct_bulletin_123.pdf Corporation Tax Bulletin Number 123 - Subjectivity to Gross Receipts Taxes Article IX Mobile Telecommunications (DCT-64)
PDF Documents st_bulletin_2013-01.pdf Sales and Use Tax Bulletin 2013-01 -- Stratified Random Sampling in Audits, Managed Audits, and Audit Appeals
PDF Documents mft_bulletin_2008-02.pdf Motor Fuel Tax Bulletin 2008-02 -- Internaltional Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Amendments
PDF Documents mft_bulletin_2008-01.pdf Motor Fuel Tax Bulletin 2008-01 -- Changes in Disposition of IFTA Decals
PDF Documents mft_bulletin_2012-01.pdf Motor Fuel Tax Bulletin 2012-01 - Responsibility for the Collection and Payment of Alternative Fuels Tax
PDF Documents inheritance_tax_bulletin_2012-01.pdf Inheritance Tax Bulletin 2012-01 -- Taxation and Valuation of Mineral Rights and Natural Gas Interests for Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax
PDF Documents inheritance_tax_bulletin_2011-02.pdf Inheritance Tax Bulletin 2011-02 - Safe Deposit Box Inventories and Notice