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Agricultural Education
Biotechnology Curriculum Framework
K-12 is a team effort supported by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and its relation to STEM.

Establishing and Operating Advisory Committees Handbooks

GPS-GIS Curriculum
Used extensively in agriculture. This curriculum will help to teach the basic concepts.

Farm Show
Forms and guidelines are used for agriculture education programs in the state of Pennsylvania to enter the designated departments at the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

Related Websites (PDF)
Quick reference to most commonly used websites for agricultural education.

Basic Education Circulars (BEC):

A Guide for Adult Agricultural Education and Young Farmer Programs in Pennsylvania (PDF)
Adult agricultural education and the Pennsylvania Young Farmers' Association (PYFA) is summarized in this guide. The contents are designed to help agriculture industry representatives, young/adult farmers, agriculture education instructors, school administrators, school directors and consumers understand the purposes, functions and operation of adult programs and the Pennsylvania Young Farmers' Association. Also, this handbook will assist local young/adult farmer organizations plan educational programs and activities.

PYFA Officer Manual (PDF)
This manual is written with the expressed intent that it will help officers of the Pennsylvania Young Farmers Association in their assigned task of directing the state association.

The Division for Agricultural Education in Pennsylvania, A Handbook for Program Planning and Curriculum Development (PDF) handbook is used in designing a quality agricultural educational program along with selecting program content identified by the industry.

Standards and Benchmarks Identified by Classification of Instructional Program (CIP)
The standards and benchmarks by CIP, as identified and validated by industry, are directly from the Handbook for Program Planning and Development listed above. The General Core includes standards and benchmarks that all agricultural education students should have knowledge of regardless of the CIP in which they are enrolled.

Following the General Core are the additional standards and benchmarks to be addressed in the specific CIP:

Agricultural Education Curriculum Mapping Worksheet (PDF)
A tool to be used by agricultural education instructors to map specific courses that encompass an approved program area to the standards and benchmarks. A standards and benchmarks list can then be compiled for all courses that encompass the approved program area. Standards and benchmarks can then be cross walked to specific academic standards and competencies identified in the approved end of program assessment. This information can then be shared with the occupational advisory committee and administration to enhance the program delivery.

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