Enterprise Services Management System

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The enterprise services management system (ESMS) is a Web-based system used for ordering, billing and asset inventory of telecommunications products and services. This includes products and services covered under the telecommunications services contract, as well as additional services such as mobile voice and data.

As of October 1, 2009, most of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Asset Repository (CTAR) ordering functionality has been integrated into ESMS. An ESMS vendor integration user's manual is available to assist in the migration. This manual has received one amendment since the initial release. For questions, please call 717.772.8604 or email ra-bestshelpdesk@pa.gov.

For access to ESMS, please contact your agency telecommunications office.

To enter a new ESMS location, use this form.

Instruction documentation is available for ESMS administration, billing, inventory and ordering.

Shared Resource Charge

The commonwealth's telecommunications services contract provides valuable services to the agencies. These services address many of the operational and management issues associated with supporting a large and complex telecommunications service environment. To help pay for these services, agencies are billed a shared resource charge each month through ESMS. The amount billed to each agency is based on the type and quantity of services in use.