Tools for Cemetery Documentation

Dillsburg Cemetery, Dillsburg
Dillsburg Cemetery, Dillsburg

Historic burial grounds and cemeteries are rich and complex cultural landscapes. With numerous site-defining features, these sites benefit greatly from the creative use of digital tools for documentation, analyses, information management, and presentation.

Documentation can include past and current maps, lists, assessments of marker and landscape conditions, photographs, and any additional historic research. The amount of information and the work involved to pull it together can be immense. At a minimum, digital tools can be a great aid to sort and "clean" information, so that it becomes useful for the project and can be archived as part of the historical record.

Survey Forms

> Cemetery General Survey form (DOC) (For registration with the BHP of historic cemeteries. See Cemetery Location Survey for more information.)
> Instructions for General Survey form (PDF)

>Historic Cemetery plot and marker survey (PDF) (Sample form for recordation of historic cemeteries)
>Instructions for Historic Cemetery plot and marker survey (PDF)