Pennsylvania Trails of History

The Pennsylvania Trails of History are a network of historic sites and museums through Pennsylvania connected by a common theme. In this section of Pennsylvania History, you can find history and stories on sites and museums that are administered by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.

Military History Trail: Walk where Revolutionary heroes have walked. Imagine yourself there as re-enactors re-create history on landmark battlefields. Connecting sites of military significance, this trail maps a comprehensive tour of forts, battlefields and training grounds. This trail includes:

Historic Homes Trail: From modest stone homes to sprawling estates, this trail opens the door to Pennsylvania's past. Original furnishings, gardens, outbuildings and architectural intricacies tell the stories of these enduring homesteads and the people who built and inhabited them. This trail includes:

Industrial Heritage Trail: The labor of iron, coal, oil and lumber workers built businesses and towns that left legacies on this trail and beyond. You'll see examples of the industries at work and meet the people who lent innovation and determination to these early enterprises. This trail includes:

Rural Farm and Village Historic Trail: Rooted in Pennsylvania's rural beginnings, this trail leads to pastoral landscapes from Colonial to recent history. Escaping into the sylvan settings is as simple as joining a tour. To truly live the history, you'll want to take part in special events throughout the year that resurrect the craft and culinary heritage of centuries past. This trail includes:

History Hubs: