Employee training and development contributes to increased job satisfaction, morale and motivation among employees and is critical to preparing employees for positions of greater responsibility.  As a training officer, you play a key role in this process by ensuring that your agency’s workforce receives the necessary training to fulfill their job duties and provide high quality service to the commonwealth. 

You can find even more training in the Keystone Academy for Learning (KAL) schedule, which lists upcoming instructor-led courses available to all commonwealth employees.

Info Sharing

Agency training officers have a number of options to share information with or ask questions of their peers in other agencies.

  • The Agency Training Officer Directory can help you to connect with other agency training officers.
  • The official commonwealth Outlook distribution list can be used to e-mail all of the training officers at once. E-mail: Training Officers in Outlook. This list is maintained by the Office of Administration.
  • The training officer Collaboration site allows agency training officers to discuss issues and share information online.  Please call 717.787.3813 if you need assistance accessing the collaboration site.
  • The Small Agency Training Consortium offers a network for training officers to share courses and resources. While it began as a group for smaller agencies, training officers from any size agency can participate. The group meets quarterly. Contact Deb LaRosa in the Department of Education for more information.

Adjunct Instructors

Adjunct instructors are state employees from various agencies with training skills who volunteer their time to teach courses for other employees. If you are interested in becoming an adjunct instructor for the Keystone Academy for Learning, contact OA's Workforce Planning & Development Office at 717.787.3813.