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2014 Spring Statewide Severe Weather Exercise Critique

Participation in this critique fulfills the requirement for schools and custodial childcare facilities for an annual disaster drill as required by Title 35, Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, Section 7701.  A representative of the facility may complete the 2014 Severe Weather Exercise Critique, which is now available below on this web page.  Detailed information regarding this critique may be found in the PEMA Circular titled 2014 Spring Severe Weather Exercise in the “Forms and Documents” tab in the center of the PEMA Home Page.  This will provide feedback to the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and document facility participation. Note that information submitted through this web page will be forwarded to the emergency management agency of the county where the participating facility is located.

This Exercise was conducted on May 12th and 13th, 2014

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2014 Weather Exercise Critique :: Record Detail
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Does your facility have an emergency operations plan that includes emergency actions under severe weather conditions*
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Was your Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) followed during the exercise*
If the previous answer was NO, why was the EOP not followed
What was the primary method your facility used to receive severe weather watches and warnings*
From whom did you receive severe weather watches and warnings*
Were Watches provided in a timely manner*
Were Warnings provided in a timely manner*
Did you identify any unmet needs during the course of this exercise and report them to your County Emergency Management Agency (EMA)*
Did you receive a response from your County regarding your reported unmet needs within one hour*
Did you report SIMULATED damage to your County EMA as a result of this exercise*
Does each facility have the capability to operate without commercial electrical power*
If the previous answer was YES, was the source tested during this exercise
How long did it take for your residents/students/staff to get to their protective positions after the tornado warning was issued*
Please list any suggestions or recommendations that you feel would improve this exercise and result in greater benefits to your facility*
List the required changes to your EOP that became evident as a result of this exercise*