State Government Records Management Training

Registration for state training is now available through LSO for all Commonwealth Employees under the Governor's jurisdiction.  All other State employees should email or call 717-783-7330. NOTE: THESE ARE CLASSROOM TRAININGS, NOT WEB-BASED.

To register for classes:

  • Log into LSO. (
  • Click on "My Training."
  • Under Course Catalogs, Click on "PA Historical & Museum Commission."
  • Continue down to "Assigned Courses" and click on the desired class. 
  • At the bottom is "Course Dates" and if the class is scheduled a date will be highlighted.
  • Click on the Date and then book the class. If there are no dates available and you would like to be notified when there is a class you can click "prebook."
  • Some classes do not have  self-enrollment, email to be enrolled.


If you need further assistance, please contact us at

Forms and Directives  
PDF Documents Authorized Personnel Form
Document Title: Authorized Personnel Form
PDF Documents Authorized Personnel Form Instructions
Document Title:  
MS Excel Documents File Plan Template
Document Title:  
PDF Documents M210.1
Document Title: Commonwealth of PA Employee Records Management Manual
PDF Documents M210.7
Document Title: Manual on the Commonwealth Records Management program
PDF Documents MD210.5
Document Title: Commonwealth of PA State Records Management Program
MS Word Documents STD-56
Document Title: Records Action Requests Summary and Deletion
Documents in the Directory STD-59
Document Title: Records Transfer List
Documents in the Directory STD-59-GS
Document Title:  
MS Excel Documents STD-59-P79
Document Title: Personnel Records Transfer Lists
MS Excel Documents STD-61
Document Title: Reference Request
MS Excel Documents STD-62
Document Title: Records Disposal Report
MS Word Documents STD-64
Document Title: Records Action Request:Addition or Amendment to Records Retention and Disposition Schedules
PDF Documents STD-64 Instructions
Document Title: Records Action Request: Addition or Amendment to Records Instructions
Documents in the Directory STD-65
Document Title: Microfilm Requirement Analysis
MS Excel Documents STD-66
Document Title: Request to Acquire Microfilm Equipment