Applying for Grants FAQ's

  • 1. (NEW)Why is the entering process so cumbersome for the "Service Recipient" section?
    There is a change identified to streamline this data entry.

  • 2. How do I apply for a grant?
    If you are not already a registered user, the first step is to register in Egrants.

    Detailed instructions for processing an Application can be found in the Application Processing Quick Start Guide Brief instructions for processing an Application can be found in the Egrants Tutorial.

  • 3. How can I find the funding announcement in Egrants?
    Go to the Funding Announcement tab in Egrants and enter ONLY the Funding Announcement title in the Funding Announcement title box. Click on "Search." A list of results will appear at the bottom of the screen. Select the appropriate one by clicking on the hyperlink of the one you are looking for.

  • 4. How do I create an application?
    Once you access the Funding Announcement you are looking for, scroll to the bottom of the screen. Click on the "Create an Application" button. The system will then give you a grant number and your application has been started. WRITE THIS NUMBER DOWN!!!

  • 5. Can I save the information and come back into the grant to work on it at a later date?
    Egrants allows you to save your work and come back in to work on the grant at a later time. The most important thing to remember is to record the unique Grant ID number associated with your grant. Without this Grant ID number, each time you come back in to Egrants and start again, it results in multiple grant applications.

    It is also important to save your work frequently as you work in Egrants. A small clock is located in the top right corner of every Egrants screen. After 20 minutes of no activity or not having saved a screen, the system will time out and you will lose any of the unsaved data you have entered to date.

    "Quick Searches" links are available when you select the Project Management Tab. They are found in the top right corner and can be clicked on to access applications in process as well as awarded projects. It is recommended that even if you used this method to access your grant application that you record and keep the Grant ID number in a safe place for reference.

  • 6. What is the red exclamation point next to a text box?
    It means that the data in the textbox is invalid. The application validates data that is entered to make sure it is within the business rules and valid for the type of data that should be entered.

  • 7. I have a "Detailed Error" page on my screen; what do I do now?
    Contact your technical support people or restart the Egrants application and see if you can perform the task you just attempted before getting the error.

  • 8. Can I type dates in the format January 23, 2004?
    No. Dates must be xx-xx-xxx or xx xx xxx or xx/xx/xxx, not spelled out

  • 9. How many recipient agencies can I have?
    You may have as many recipient agencies as you need.

  • 10. Why are my financial officer and project director's names not listed in the drop down box?
    These individuals are either not a registered Egrants user or do not have security for this grant. Even if they were listed last year, they may not have been registered. To appear as an available option in the drop down list, the individual must be a registered user with security access to the grant.

  • 11.How do I add the necessary keywords and which ones are you looking for?
    In order to add a keyword you must first select it from the drop down menu. Once it is selected then click on the "Add Keyword" button. Follow the Funding Announcement guidelines to select the appropriate keywords.

  • 12. How do I find my House and Senate districts?
    Access the website This information is also available by selecting the Help image that appears in the top right corner of the page when on the "Main Summary" section.

  • 13. Why can't I get into any section of my report besides the main summary?
    There may be some required information on the main summary page that has not been entered. Once the recipient agency(s) are entered and saved on the "Main Summary" section, the remaining sections will be available based on your security access (Program Creator and/or Fiscal Creator roles.)

  • 14. I entered the wrong budget type and saved the record, what do I do?
    Click on the "Budget Setup" button and change the budget type assigned for your agency.

  • 15. Why can't I save a screen?
    If you are unable to save a screen there may be required fields on the screen that have not been filled in. Scroll to the top of the screen and look for an error message in a red font to indicate which fields need to be completed.

  • 16. I was entering information and the screen closed on me. I lost my data. What happened?
    For various reasons, the Egrants system is set up to time out after 20 minutes of inactivity. A system clock in the upper right hand corner will indicate how many minutes you have left before the screen will close. To avoid losing your data, scroll to the bottom of your screen and save your data. When writing lengthy text, you can avoid timing out and losing your data by creating the text in a WORD document and then copying and pasting the text into Egrants.

  • 17. What is the purpose of the Payment Terms in Egrants? Does this replace the Standard Subgrant Conditions?
    No, Payment Terms do not replace the Standard Subgrant Conditions. The Standard Subgrant Conditions still apply to all of PCCD's subgrants. The Payment Terms simply tell you when you can expect to receive payments, when funds must be obligated and expended and when a refund is due to PCCD if you do not expend all funds received. To indicate you have reviewed this section in Egrants, you must enter "Applicant accepts these terms."

  • 18. How do I attach documents to my application?
    In general, attachments are not to be inserted as a response to a section in Egrants. Instead, the response to sections such as Problem Statement, Project Narrative and Evaluation should be created in WORD and copied and pasted into Egrants.

    Attachments should only be used if there is no other way to submit the information. Examples may include job descriptions and copies of newspaper articles. When absolutely necessary use the following instructions:

    • Select the 'Section' that you wish to add an attachment by clicking on the hyperlink.
    • Click on the 'Add Attachment' button, you will be transferred to the '
      Attachment' page.
    • Type a name for the attachment into the description block and Click on the 'Browse' button to locate the file from your PC that you want to attach to this section.
    • When you have found the file and given the attachment a name click the 'Save' button, you will transferred back to the 'Section Detail' page and the attachment you just added will be displayed in the grid.
    • To view that actual attachment you have attached to the Section click the File Name of the attachment to view.

    To view the details of the section attachment, click the description link.

  • 19. How can I delete a signatory from the application?
    Agency users can delete signatories from their application up until they submit the application to PCCD. To do this you click the link of the signatory you wish to delete. You will be transferred to a detail page for the signatory selected. Click the Delete button. This will only remove the signatory from the application and does not delete the person from the database.

  • 20. Who should submit the online application?
    Someone who has the Submission Role for the Applicant Agency must submit the application to PCCD. A user without this role may work on an application, but will not be able to submit it to PCCD. Similarly, if an application is returned to the applicant for revisions, only users with this role could re-submit the revised information. It is not necessary to have the User Manager role to submit the online application.

  • 21.How can I find my application if I don't know the Grant ID number?
    Under the Project Management tab, look at the dropdown box for Funding Announcements and select the correct one (for example, 2006 State Rights and Services Act (RASA) Projects (2005).) Also select the appropriate Applicant Agency name from the dropdown box and then hit the search button. You will only see the agencies you have been granted access to.

    If you see "No Records Found" after your search, either an application has not been created or you don’t have access to the desired agency. You can check what agencies you have access to by going to the User Management tab and looking under the Access Requests link.

    "Quick Searches" links are also available when you select the Project Management Tab. They are found in the top right corner and can be clicked on to access applications in process as well as awarded projects for which you have security access.

  • 22. May I send my application in sections? Must I submit it as a complete application?
    No. You cannot send your application in sections. You may work on your application in sections; however, all sections of the application must be completed before the button to submit your application to PCCD will be enabled.

  • 23. I am having trouble with View Contract or View Signature Page. What can you suggest?
    Possible Cause #1:
    There are several forms of Pop-up blocking software, which protect you from unwanted advertisements experienced on many web sites today. Windows XP Service Pack 2, Netscape, Google toolbar and MSN toolbar all assist with the blocking of unwanted pop-ups. Unfortunately this software also blocks pop-ups that are utilized by Egrants. You must configure your pop-up blocker to allow pop-ups for the Egrants site ( This will enable you to View Contract and Signature Pages for your grant application. The following is a link to a Microsoft support page that explains how to configure pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer,;en-us;843016.
    Possible Cause #2:
    You must also have Adobe reader installed in order to view your contract or signature page generated by Egrants. This software is free and a download is available on at

  • 24. Can you give me some suggestions on saving and printing our grant application?
    When you click the View Contract button, a new screen will be launched and will display your Application / Contract in an Adobe PDF file format. From this screen you can choose to Save your application / contract in a PDF file to your PC or to a network file share folder. You do this by choosing the File menu and then Save As ... Specify where you want to save the file and save it with an appropriate name. Please note, if changes are made to your application in Egrants this saved version of your contract will no longer be current. You will need to do another View Contract and save it again for your records. You can then attach your application / contract to an email just like you would any other document.

    To print your application/contract, choose the File menu and then Print.

  • 25. How do I know if my application was received by PCCD?
    You will receive an email notifying you that you have an alert or task in your Work Manager that you need to review. In your Work Manager you will find an alert indicating your application was received at PCCD.

    Another way to tell is by the status of your grant. You can check the status of your grant at any time by reviewing the status box at the top of any screen on your grant. If the status is Open-Received, PCCD got your application.

  • 26. How can I check the status of my grant application?
    You can check the status of your grant at any time by reviewing the status box at the top of any screen on your grant.

  • 27. What should I do if I do not hear that my application was received?
    It can take up until 24 hours after you submit your application before you receive an email indicating you have an alert or task to check in your work manager. After that, if you have not heard anything contact your Program Contact at PCCD.

  • 28. What if I miss the deadline for submission?
    You will not be able to submit an application for this funding announcement.

  • 29. How can I check the status of my application after I submit it?
    You can check the status of your grant at any time by reviewing the status box at the top of any screen on your grant.

  • 30. What do the different statuses mean?
    Open - Received: Submitted Application has been received at PCCD.

    Open - Under Review: PCCD is currently reviewing the Application.

    Open - Ready for Commission: PCCD has completed their review of the Application and is prepared to present the Application to the Commission.

    Open - Awarded: Application is Approved/Awarded.

    Open - Questions: PCCD has questions about the grant.

    Open - Returned: Changes are required and PCCD has returned the Application to the agency.