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Egrants Quick Start Guides for External Users

The following 'Quick-start" Guides are formatted for Microsoft Word. To open a particular document, double-click on the underlined document name. To download a copy to your individual PC, right-click on the underlined document name and choose "Save As.." from the pop-up menu. Please be advised that some of these documents are quite large and may take considerable time to download.
  Name Description
PDF Documents Creating a Project Modification Quick Start Guide.pdf PCCD Egrants Creating a Project Modification Request Quick Start Guide
PDF Documents Data Entry Standards Quick Start Guide.pdf Standards for Data Entry
PDF Documents Egrants Agency Registration Form.pdf Egrants Agency Registration Form
PDF Documents Egrants User Registration Request Form.pdf e_-_egrants_user_registration_request_form.doc 7/17/08 Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency Egrants User Registration Request Form
PDF Documents Grant Status Definitions.pdf Grant Status Definitions
PDF Documents Input Inventory Report Quick Start Guide.pdf Egrants Inventory Report Input Instructions
PDF Documents Inputting Fiscal Reports Quick Start Guide.pdf Fiscal Report Input Instructions (E-Grant System)
PDF Documents Inputting Program Reports Quick Start Guide.pdf Program Report Input Instructions (E-Grant System)
PDF Documents Online Concept Papers Quick Start Guide.pdf Online Concept Paper Guide
PDF Documents Online Registration Quick Start Guide.pdf PCCD EGRANTS Registration Process
PDF Documents Security Roles Quick Start Guide.pdf E-Grants Security Roles Guide
PDF Documents Task and Alerts Quick Start Guide.pdf Tasks and Alerts Guide
PDF Documents User Management Access Request Quick Start Guide.pdf ACCESS REQUEST QUICK START GUIDE
PDF Documents Application Processing Quick Start Guide.pdf Application Processing Guide
PDF Documents Concept Paper and Competitive Application Reviewing and Scoring Quick Start Guide.pdf The reviewing and scoring process for Concept Papers and Competitive Applications