Processing a Returned Application

If an application is sent back to you, you will be notified in "Work Manager" under "Tasks" and "Alerts" with a description of "Returned." The application is sent back to you in its entirety, but you will only need to address the sections that have issues/comments or are marked "Returned."

When you click on the hyperlink of the task concerning the "Returned Application," you will be taken to an Issues/Comments page. This will provide you with an explanation from PCCD staff as to why the section(s) was (were) returned.

There is also an "Add New Response" button you can click if you would like to respond in return.

To make changes to the Application, from the "Application Summary" screen, select the section(s) that are marked as "Returned" under the "Status column." Update the "Section(s)" and "Save" the corrections. Please make sure you change the application as requested.