Searching Funding Announcememts

Once you have logged on, you are transferred to the Main Menu page, which "welcomes you to PCCD Egrants." By selecting the Funding Announcement tab or the 'CLICK HERE' hyperlink, you are transferred to the Funding Announcement Search page, which will allow you to locate, view and, if appropriate, submit Concept Papers/Applications for funding from available, open Funding Announcements.

Remember: You or your agency will not be able to create and submit a response to a Funding Announcement or application unless these three security roles are established: Program Creator, Financial Creator and Submission.

It is important not to create multiple responses to the same Funding Announcement. If you begin a response to a Funding Announcement, Egrants will automatically assign a Grant ID number to your response. It is important to write that number down.

If you need to close out of Egrants and come back in at a later date, you will select the Project Management tab rather than the Funding Announcement tab and you will need to enter the previously provided Grant ID number to pull up your work that is saved to date. If you attempt to go back in via the Funding Announcement tab, you will create a multiple response.

Please note: You cannot create an application after the noted close date on the Funding Announcement. As well, if you began an application before the close date the Egrants system will allow you continue to work on the application after the close date, however, you will not be able to submit the application to PCCD.