Selecting Defined Roles and Security

As part of the Registration process, you, or the User Manager for your agency, will need to select roles and security levels you will have access to within Egrants as you complete the "Egrants User Registration Request Form."

They include:

Program Reader Read-only access to all programmatic data
Program Creator Read/Write access to all programmatic data
Financial Reader Read-only access to all financial data
Financial Creator Read/Write access to all financial data
Submission Submit applications, modifications and continuations
User Manager Administer security roles access
A minimum of three roles needs to be assigned within your agency before you will be able to complete the application process. They are Program Creator, Financial Creator and Submission.

A separate form must be completed and submitted for EACH PERSON in your agency that will be working in the Egrants system.

To determine proper roles, please refer to the PCCD Egrants Security Roles Quick Start Guide for descriptions of the various roles.

It is also important to remember that Egrants requires that the Project Director, Financial Officer and the Primary Contact be at least two different individuals. The Project Director can also be the the Primary Contact or the Financial Officer can also be the Primary Contact, however, the Project Director and the Financial Officer cannot be the same person.