Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

UCMS Electronic Filing FAQs
Q 1: What is UCMS?
A 1: The Unemployment Compensation Management System (UCMS) project is the replacement of the UC tax portion of the Unemployment Compensation program's 40-year-old computer system. UCMS provides tools and self-access for UC staff, employers and Third Party Administrators to have an improved business experience with UC programs.
Q 2: How can an employer designate a TPA?
A 2: Employers can go into their home page and select a representative. TPAs can also access UCMS and tell us who their clients are; and if both the TPA and client agree, we will have what is now known as power of attorney.
Q 3: How will employers who do not have Internet access or who are computer illiterate file their reports electronically?
A 3: These employers can use a public facility such as a library or hire a TPA or a CPA to file electronically.
Q 4: Can employers make payment plan payments online? Will the employer be charged a fee to use a credit or debit card?
A 4: Employers can make payment plan payments online. A fee for credit card payments will be assessed by the vendor.
Q 5: Refunds can be directly deposited into employer bank accounts. Are employers required to notify UCTS when they change their bank account information? Also, do employers have the option to request that refund checks be sent to them without being direct-deposited?
A 5: It is the employers' responsibility to notify us of any changes to their bank account information. If they do not notify us and a fee is charged, the employer will be responsible for that fee. Employers can request refunds by check as well, although it is preferred that refunds be issued through direct deposit.
Q 6: Can an employer project rates when deciding to lay off specific individuals?
A 6: Yes. UCMS has a rate calculation tool that employers can use to estimate and project different business decisions that could impact their rate.
Q 7: Can the employer retrieve archived items, such as a rate notice, from last year or the year before?
A 7: Employers can retrieve rates from previous years. They have to go into their employer portal, look under rates, and there will be a list of rates that they have been issued. They are able to retrieve only the rate notices that were generated in UCMS. Rate notices that were issued prior to UCMS go live will be available from microfiche as they are today.
Q 8: Does UCMS allow employers to look up payment plan dates?
A 8: There is a payment plan summary screen for both the employer and UC staff. This screen will include the installment number, installment due dates, installment amount, payments made and a payment date. Employers can view their payment plan status and make payments through this screen at any time.
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