Frequently Asked Questions about Vendor Services





1. How do I register as a vendor?

Procurement vendors should visit the PA Supplier Portal at  Non-procurement vendors should register using the Non-Procurement Registration Form link at:  Note: Before submitting this form, vendors need to select the link to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form W-9 and print it.  The IRS Form W-9 must be completed, signed, and faxed to the Payable Services Call Center at 717-214-0140 or emailed to  After the W-9 form is successfully submitted, the registration will be processed and the vendor will be notified of his or her vendor number by email or phone.

2. How do I reset my PA Supplier Portal password?

If you are a vendor and need to reset your Supplier Portal password, please use the "Reset Password" link from the log-on page of the PA Supplier Portal (

3. How long does it take to receive a vendor number?

Procurement vendors should receive a vendor number immediately upon registering through the portal.  Non-procurement vendors will be notified by email or phone in approximately three to five business days after receipt of IRS Form W-9 and the Non-Procurement Registration Form.

4. How do I update my vendor/supplier data?

Procurement vendors may update data through the PA Supplier Portal by logging onto using their user ID and password.  Non-procurement vendors will need to fax or email their request for a data change.  This request must include the vendor number, vendor name and Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and should specify the data to be changed.  Faxes should be sent to 717-214-0140 and emails should be sent to

5. Why can't I submit the Non-Procurement Vendor Registration Form?

Please ensure you have entered all required fields.  Additionally, the form will not allow submission unless the extended ZIP code is entered. The ZIP code must be entered as the five-digit main ZIP code followed by a hyphen and four more digits.  If you don't know your extended ZIP code, you may look it up at

6. When would I need a new/different vendor number?

You need a new vendor number if you are changing from a non-procurement vendor to a procurement vendor or if your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) has changed.  To register as a new procurement vendor, please register at  If you no longer plan to conduct business with the commonwealth as a non-procurement vendor, please contact us at and make certain to indicate your vendor number.

7. How do I set up direct deposit to receive a payment?

Procurement vendors may register for direct deposit through the PA Supplier Portal at by logging in with the appropriate user ID and password.  Non-procurement vendors should complete the Pennsylvania Electronic Payment Program (PEPP) Enrollment Form, which can be found at  Fax it to the Payable Services Call Center at 717-214-0140 or email it to

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8. What is the status of my payment?

You can now check the status of most invoices at  Form the left side of the Office of the Budget Web site, select "Vendor Services" to access the service and instructions.  You will need your company's invoice number, invoice date and invoice amount.  Your commonwealth-assigned vendor number is recommended but not required.

9. Why aren't my payment being made electronically?

There are several reasons why you may not be receiving electronic payments:

A. The commonwealth will continue to pay by check if this method of payment is specifically requested on the invoice.

B. For non-procurement vendors, all records in our accounting system must have banking data populated.  If an invoice is received for a record that does not have the banking data, the commonwealth will pay by check.

C. Commonwealth payment processors may, at times, inaccurately select payment via check even though banking data for that particular vendor record exists.

D. Multiple records may exist for any given vendor, some with banking data and some without.  If the processor selects a record with no banking data, payment will be made by check. Vendors should contact the Payable Services Call Center at 877-435-7363 to review all records and determine if any banking data is missing.

10. How do I make changes or correct my bank account data?

Procurement vendors may update data through the PA Supplier Portal at by logging in with the appropriate user ID and password.  Non-procurement vendors will need to fax or email the request for a data change.  Your fax or email should include your vendor number, vendor name, Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), data to be changed, and replacement data. Faxes should be sent to 717-214-0140 and emails should be sent to

11. Why was my payment deposited to the wrong account?

Procurement vendor should verify that the information entered in the PA Supplier Portal is correct and complete.  Changes may be made directly in the portal.  Non-procurement vendors who recently submitted a change request related to banking data may be seeing a delay due to the processing time required for the User Acceptance Agreement.  Processing time may take up to two weeks.  However, if you are still receiving payments to an incorrect account more than two weeks after submitting a change, please contact the Payable Services Call Center at 877-435-7363 or by email at

12. Why did I receive a letter along with my returned invoice?

Your invoice may have been rejected for a variety of reasons, such as missing required information, submission to the wrong address, line items that do not correspond with the purchase order referenced on the invoice, or services or goods provided outside of valid contract dates.  If the letter provides resubmission information, please complete the requested steps and resubmit your invoice.

13. Where should invoices be mailed?

Procurement vendors should refer to our Procurement Vendor Information page for specifics and mailing addresses and invoice requirements.  Non-procurement vendors should visit the Non-Procurement Vendor Information page.


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14. Why did I receive a 1099 form?

A 1099 form is required by the federal government to report income, other than standard wages and tips, to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  IRS regulations require the commonwealth to report this income for vendors whose annual payments exceeded $600.

15. What is a 'B Notice' and why did I receive one?

A 'B Notice' is an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) notice indicating that your vendor name and Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) combination do not match the IRS records.  The Payable Services Call Center is required to send B Notices when the IRS reports that the name/TIN combination on the 1099 does not match the combination on file with the IRS.  If this is the first B Notice you have received, you will need to provide a current W-9 in response.  This W-9 Form was mailed to you along with the B Notice.  Completed IRS Form W-9s can be faxed to the Payable Services Call Center at 717-214-0140 or emailed to  If this is your second B Notice, you will need to provide a letter from the Social Security Administration or the IRS in response to the notice.


16. Where may I look up bid information?

Visit the PA Supplier Portal at to find information on bids.


NOTE: Requests for information in accordance with the Right to Know Law (RTKL), must be submitted directly to  Requests sent to any other email address listed on this website will not be considered an official RTKL request.