PA Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification (SAVIN)

PA SAVIN provides crime victims and other interested parties with free information and notification regarding any changes in an inmate's incarceration status.  This includes notice of release, transfer to another facility and escape.  Individuals who would like to receive these notifications can register as many phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses as they desire.

Per the PA Crime Victims Act (18 P.S.,ยง 11.214) county jails and prisons are responsible for ensuring that crime victims are notified of their offenders' release or escape.  PA SAVIN assists the corrections facilities with this responsibility by making these notifications in near-real time.

Police and probation/parole officers may also want to use PA SAVIN as a tool to track the incarceration status of specific offenders.  Detailed information for victims, law enforcement officers, corrections staff and other interested individuals is available through the following links:

If you are a victim of crime, click here.

If you are Corrections staff, or if you maintain prison computer systems (in-house or outside IT personnel), click here.

If you are a Law Enforcement Officer, click here.

If you are a Victim Service Provider, click here.

For all other interested parties, click here.