On June 30, 2016 this Commonwealth Enterprise Portal (WebCenter Interaction) will be retired from service.
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Video Conferencing

The OA Voice and Video Bridge has discontinued operational service as of close of business, May 30, 2014.  Any requests for voice bridge sessions extending beyond the May 30, 2014 date will be rejected.

This change is due to the OA solution equipment reaching end of life.  Since the bridge equipment can no longer be supported, it will be replaced by the voice/video conferencing service offered by Verizon.  Verizon’s solution for the voice/video conferencing is their voice over IP (VoIP) offering, Web Collaboration (ESMS Product:  IPVCE001035 Web Collaboration UC Client).  The replacement for those services is now available through the OA Voice group using “Unified Communications and Web Collaboration” software. 

Please contact Jason Heisler at jheisler@pa.gov to find out what software needs to be installed for your agency’s video conferencing needs.