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Violence and Injury Prevention


In August 2005, the PA DOH received a five-year grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to prevent and control injuries and injury-related deaths in Pennsylvania. These CDC funds are intended to assist the PA DOH to assess the social and economic burden of injuries in Pennsylvania; assemble a statewide injury community planning group (ICPG); prepare an annual injury data report; develop a comprehensive injury prevention and control plan for Pennsylvania; and hold annual injury prevention symposia.

The purpose of the Violence and Injury Prevention Program is to prevent deaths and disability from intentional and unintentional injury through assessing the incidence of injury and developing programs to reduce injury risks. Services are provided through a contracting process with various grantees from across Pennsylvania.

Contact Information:

Violence and Injury Prevention Program
PA Department of Health
Room 1008 H&W Bldg.
625 Forster Street
Harrisburg, PA 17120-0701
Phone: (717)787-5900


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