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  • American Trauma Society (ATS), Pennsylvania Division
  • ATS is a non-profit, statewide organization dedicated to reducing serious injuries and deaths through trauma prevention education. ATS provides educational programs and materials to the public at little or no cost.  Programs have been developed for different ages, from pre-school children through the elderly. Examples of special initiatives are: bike derbies, helmet distribution, alcohol abuse programs, sports injuries, Advanced Burn Life Support certification, disaster preparedness information, and gun lock distribution.

  • County and Municipal Health Departments
  • Provide community-based injury prevention education and prevention programs with particular emphasis on population based activities that increase awareness of injury prevention.

  • Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (PCAR)                                                                                                                                     
  •  Provides quality services to victims/survivors of sexual violence and their significant others, PCAR works in concert with its statewide network of rape crisis centers serving all 67 counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The centers also work to create public awareness and prevention education within their communities.

    In addition to providing technical assistance in a variety of areas, the role of PCAR is to oversee the rape crisis center programs, monitor relevant legislation and public policy issues, provide library resources, educational trainings and create public awareness campaigns.  

  • Pennsylvania SAFE KIDS Coalition
  • Working in partnership with its local affiliates, SAFE KIDS PA seeks to reduce unintentional injuries and death to children by concerted community action, including promoting public awareness of unintentional childhood injury prevention programs and facilitating public awareness of, and appreciation for, the safety measures necessary to protect children.  SAFE KIDS PA provides technical assistance through coalition development, conferences, webinar sessions and collaboration with other agencies.