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2011 Symposia Report: A Policy Approach to Injury Prevention

The theme for the 2011 symposia, “A Policy Approach to Injury Prevention”, was selected to encourage injury prevention stakeholders to explore moving beyond individual and community efforts.  Generating momentum for state and local level injury prevention efforts to shift towards a legislative or an organizational policy approach has great potential to affect health in magnitude.  In 2011, 70 participants contributed to five symposia held throughout Pennsylvania. For more information, please see the 2011 Symposia Report.


2010 Symposia: From Planning to Implementation 

This theme was chosen to celebrate the achievements of the Injury Community Planning Group (ICPG), its members and its partners by having one centralized symposium.  The 2010 Symposium focused on the three priority areas of the ICPG: motor vehicle safety, falls prevention and prevention of unintentional poisoning by prescription drugs.  There were 159 participants.  For more information, please see the 2010 Symposia Report.
2009 Symposia: Youth Injuries 
In addition to discussing current efforts regarding youth safety, another goal of the 2009 symposia was to identify potential roles and activities for the newly established PA Chapter of the National Organizations for Youth Safety (PaNOYS). Six symposia were held across the state, with over 90 total participants. For more information, please see the 2009 Symposia Report.
2008 Symposia: Unintentional Poisoning
The goal of the 2008 symposia was to share data and participant's experiences regarding unintentional drug poisoning and abuse of legal medications. Five symposia were held across the state, with 125 total participants. For more information, please see the 2008 Symposia Report.