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In 2006 the PA DOH and ICPG worked with key partners from across the state who volunteered their time, talents and strategic planning resources to develop the first stakeholder-driven injury prevention plan for Pennsylvania.

The 2006-2010 Pennsylvania Injury Prevention and Control Plan is a guide to assess and build the capacity to prevent and control injuries and injury-related deaths in Pennsylvania. The PA DOH and the ICPG are working together with key partners statewide to implement the Plan and make it a success. The success of the Plan depends on the collaboration between all entities involved. The impact of injuries is significant and most are preventable. With the Plan, we can reduce injuries, the severity of injuries and injury deaths in Pennsylvania below the national average. All interested stakeholders are strongly encouraged to participate. The Plan is a living document and can change with new ideas and injury priorities.

Strategic Plan Addendum:

Since releasing the Pennsylvania Injury Prevention and Control Plan, the Department and the ICPG have devoted their time and attention to accomplishing the goals and objectives set forth in the plan. The purpose of the 2008 Addendum is to provide a summary of the progress that has been made to date, what goals/objectives have already been accomplished, what new goals/objectives have been added and what existing goals/objectives have been modified to allow the Department and its partners to reduce the incidence of injuries and violence in Pennsylvania most effectively.

Now, the ICPG has narrowed its focus to the top three priority areas for Pennsylvania. The leading causes of hospitalized injury in Pennsylvania are falls, poisonings and motor vehicle crashes. The great majority of these injuries are reported as unintentional.  Therefore, workgroups were reestablished to include Falls Prevention, Motor Vehicle Crash Prevention and Poisoning Prevention.  The Data and Public Policy Workgroup continued to meet to assist with the top three priority topics.  The 2010 Addendum provides the current action plans of the ICPG’s top three priority areas.  This Plan is a living document and can change with new approaching and emerging injury priorities.