Voice Conferencing

Agencies have the option of using conference call services provided by OA-Information Technology or AT&T. A service comparison follows.

  OA-Information Technology AT&T Reservationless AT&T Reserved
  Users are provided a toll-free number, conference ID and PIN. Please schedule calls at least 5 days in advance. Meeting on demand with dedicated phone number and access codes. Agencies billed directly by AT&T. Requires prior scheduling and has different phone numbers and access codes for each call. Agencies billed directly by AT&T. Offers operator-assisted dial-in and operator-dialed as additional service options.
Maximum Participants 92 Usually 50, can be increased to 125 (call 800.526.2655) 200
Cost Per Minute/ Per User $.08 $.10 $.12 (costs vary for operator-assisted or operator-dialed options – see below)
How to Set Up a Call

Submit an order for voice bridging services using the enterprise services management system (ESMS).  This manual provides instructions on setting up a voice conference.


To use AT&T conferencing, you must first set up a billing account. To set up an account, contact:
Tom Jackson
AT&T Teleconference Sales Consultant 
908.234.8152 phone

  • Department/agency name
  • Name of person or department bill should be sent to
  • Billing address
  • Billing contact name, e-mail address and phone number
  • Business area number
After your billing account is set up, call 800.526.2655 to arrange individual conference accounts.
Questions or Service Issues If you are having trouble with a conference, call 717.418.0652 for immediate assistance. For questions, e-mail ra-ctcvideoschedule@pa.gov or call 717.772.4236. This manual provides instructions on setting up a voice conference. 800.526.2655
Changes and Cancellations For changes to your scheduled conference, submit a rework order through ISS at least 48 hours in advance. To cancel a conference, submit a cancellation order through ISS at least 24 hours in advance. 800.526.2655
Additional Options     Operator-Assisted Dial-In:
Live operator greets participants when they call. Good option if security or control of participation is required. Cost: $.18 per minute, per user.
Highest level of participation control. Operator dials each participant and alerts the host when conference is ready. Cost: $.24 per minute, per user.


OA-Information Technology Conferencing
Contact Michael Tweed or e-mail ra-ctcvideoschedule@pa.gov.

AT&T Conferencing
Customer Care Center: 800.526.2655
Billing Center: 800.722.3481
Account Executive: Faye Frazier — 717.526.5427