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FCVAS Grant Program

Grant agreements and award amounts available

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The Fire Company, Volunteer Ambulance Service Grant Program (FCVASGP) provides grants for volunteer and career fire, volunteer ambulance and rescue companies.

Eligible Organizations
the following organizations may be considered eligible for grant funding:

  • All Fire Companies
  • Volunteer Ambulance Services
  • Volunteer Rescue Squads
Eligible projects
Eligible organizations may apply for grant funding for a combination of up to two projects in the following categories:
  • Facilities - Construction and/or renovation of the fire company's or ambulance service‚Äôs facility and purchase or repair of fixtures and furnishings necessary to maintain or improve the capability of the company to provide fire, ambulance and rescue services.
  • Equipment - Purchase or repair of firefighting, ambulance or rescue equipment.
  • Debt reduction - Debt reduction associated with the facility (1) or equipment (2) categories above.
  • Training - Training and certification of members.

ONLINE GRANT APPLICATION (Click to access the Online Grant Application)

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