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About the Warehouse and Distribution Division


The Warehouse and Distribution Division operates three warehouses that consist of 137,000 square feet of space in the Harrisburg area. These facilities include bulk material storage, controlled access (secured), segregated excess property, records storage and retrieval, short term/temporary storage, and forms/publications storage and retrieval. Use of our space is made available to all Commonwealth agencies under short or long term agreements.


We offer Commonwealth agencies a full array of distribution services: Receiving, Quality Inspection, Inventory Control, and Pick/Pack Operations for all products. For material stored in our warehouses, we offer free local delivery service as well as UPS and LTL options. We even offer a Truck Loaner program.


In addition to our core services, the Division can provide fee based transportation services within a 90 mile radius of Harrisburg.


We specialize in flexibility, so whatever your requirements, we will work to suit your storage and distribution needs.  


It is our goal to meet and exceed our customer's needs by accepting total responsibility for their complete satisfaction. We will accomplish our goals with professionalism and prompt, courteous service.



1. Quality Management System: Ensuring that all resources needed to achieve the objectives are identified and planned.
2. Standard Operating Procedures: DGS has established and maintains documented policies and procedures to ensure the sequence of processes is conducted in a controlled manner.
3. Concern Resolution Process: This process applies suitable methodologies for measurement and monitoring of customer requirements and standard industry metrics. These metrics are accomplished using Six Sigma doctrine.
4. Management Commitment: We recognize the importance of making substantial contributions to the success and growth of the organization. We will continue our success with sound fundamentals, supporting employees in all their endeavors and ensuring our customer service and customer relationships remain strong.

Division Chief  

 Ken Clemence
 Warehouse and Distribution Chief

WDD Special Notice  
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Bobali Drive Warehouse Consolidation Update:


Thank you for playing a part in our successful warehouse consolidation project.



Commonwealth Telephone Directory


The Commonwealth Telephone Directory is available through PAPublisher at www.papublisher.state.pa.us.


For assistance, please contact the Bureau of Publications at 717-704-1029.


Excess Packing Slips 
Inventory Communication Form 
 Material Master Request Form
 Work Order for Pre-paid Receipts

 Printing Sample Inspection Report

Vehicle Loaner Request Form

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