Pennsylvania Waterfowl

"For us in the minority, the opportunity to see geese is more important than television. . ."

Aldo Leopold , Sand County Almanac, 1949

Waterfowl Hunting Regulations
Migratory bird hunting seasons and bag limits must conform to frameworks set by the US Fish & Wildlife Service. States select their hunting seasons within these established frameworks. Based on public comments, Game Commission staff will prepare and present recommended waterfowl and migratory bird seasons, bag limits and related criteria to the USFWS for final approval. Final selections are typically made by mid-August. Shortly thereafter, the agency will post the annual brochure outlining the seasons and bag limits for waterfowl and migratory bird seasons.

Federal Waterfowl Hunting Regulations Synopsis

Waterfowl Hunting

Wetlands and Waterfowl

Waterfowl Conservation
Pennsylvania Waterfowl Population Monitoring Reports
Pennsylvania Waterfowl Banding Reports
USFWS Waterfowl Status Reports

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