Effective July 31, 2016, the Commonwealth Enterprise Portal (WebCenter Interaction) will be taken offline permanently.
Agencies must move any remaining content they wish to keep before this date. For more information, please visit the migration project site.

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing is used to conduct live meetings or presentations via the Internet. Real-time desktop sharing is combined with phone conferencing to allow you to deliver presentations, show documents and demonstrate applications.  All you need is an Internet connection and an audio connection through your computer or phone.  By using this technology, agencies can:

  • Save money and time on travel
  • Collaborate seamlessly online with colleagues and clients as if you were meeting face-to-face
  • Make meetings more productive and successful
  • Deliver more effective and impactful online training and classes
  • Eliminate the hassle of emailing  files to meeting participants 
  • Reach audiences with important communications quickly and flexibly

 Siemens OpenScape Web Collaboration UC 

The commonwealth’s standard platform for unified communications is Siemens OpenScape Web Collaboration UC.  Information about Siemens OpenScape is available on the Penn Connect portal at www.pennconnect.pa.gov.  



On June 16, 2012, the Office of Administration, Office for Information Technology renewed the agreement
with Cisco WebEx that provides agencies with the following online voice, video and Web conferencing tools: 
Meeting Center, Training Center, Event Center, and Support Center. 

Agencies can utilize the WebEx services AT A COST through June 15, 2013 if they have a need to provide
training or record audio and video of training sessions or meetings. 

NOTE: Attendee limits for sessions have been reduced to 200 attendees.  If you have questions about
WebEX or how your agency can participate, please email the WebEx Resource Account.  

  • Presentation - Descriptions of the various WebEX products and features.
  • WebEX Website - Product information, training and user support.

WebEx User Resources


In order to schedule and host your own online meetings, trainings and events, you will need a WebEx host
license.  WebEx licenses should only be purchased for employees that need access to WebEx Training
Center or have a requirement to record both audio and video of training sessions or meeting sessions. 
NOTE: Attendee limits for sessions have been reduced to 200 attendees.

Your agency Telecommunications Management Officer (TMO) can order a WebEx license for you using eSMS. 
Be prepared to provide your billing cost center information that will be charged for the WebEx license.  

  • Commonwealth WebEx Website - Schedule and attend meetings, access training resources and more. 
  • WebEx University - Customized training videos, in-depth user guides and other tools and resources.
  • Cisco WebEx Support - Additional training and information resources, as well as technical
    troubleshooting assistance.


AT&T's Web meeting service is available to agencies for $.25 a minute per user. Call 800.526.2655 to speak to an AT&T reservation specialist. Questions can be directed to Pablo E. Adam, our AT&T account executive, at 717.303.9729.

Contract Waiver can be submitted to RA-OABCCMHELPDESK@pa.gov to request this service.