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Just Below Your Feet
A documentary written, directed and produced by two students from Lycoming College, Stephanie Bowen and Sara Griggs, discusses PA Act 70. In 1995, the state passed PA Act 70, as an amendment to the State History Code. It required that the Commonwealth be responsible for archaeology resulting from state-permitted projects. Act 70 shifted the burden of archaeological reconnaissance from the private sector to the government. Initially, there was a budget of $300,000 and the Commonwealth Archaeology Program was formed within the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission to investigate significant sites recorded in the Pennsylvania Archaeological Site Survey files. However, due to funding cuts, this program ended. In ten plus years since the passage of the Commonwealth law, no studies have been conducted on the effect of this responsibility shift. How has PA Act 70 helped or harmed the Commonwealth's archaeology? Has the government been successful in meeting the archaeological needs of the Commonwealth? Find out what these students learned in their travels through Pennsylvania's Archaological legislation by watching Just Below Your Feet. A fifteen minute segment is available now at YouTube by following the link and the documentary in its entirety will be available on YouTube soon. You can also follow their work at www.facebook.com/justbelowyourfeet 

New Deal Archaeology site 
Visit the New Deal Archaeology site to learn more about Archaeology projects of Somerset county. This website tells the story of New Deal archaeologists, their major findings, and how their work continues to influence archaeologists today.

Interactive Petroglyph Section
Petroyglphs are images carved by early peoples into rock surfaces. In this section you will find pictures of petroglyphs in Pennsylvania, a map of Pennsylvanian petroglyphs, as well as an interactive Little Indian Rock petroglyph. Learn More

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Visit the Anthropology and Archaeology gallery of the State Museum without leaving your own home. Watch the State Museum Virtual Tour online. Enjoy the show and schedule a State Museum visit for an in-depth look at our archaeological heritage.