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Identity Theft Statistics

Identity Theft Statistics

According to the the Federal Trade Commission, 2010 marked the 11th year in a row that identity theft was the number one consumer complaint category, with 19 percent of the complaints nationwide related to identity theft.

2010 also marked the first time the FTC reported "imposter scams" - where imposters posted as friends, family, respected companies or government agencies to get consumers to send them money - made the top 10 list of conusmer complaints for that year. 

In Pennsylvania, the FTC reported more than 9,000 complaints of identity theft in 2010.

In 2009, the Identity Theft Fraud Consumer Report from Javelin Strategy and Research found:

  • The number of identity fraud incidents increased by 22 over 2007 levels
  • The average consumer cost of identity fraud decreased 31 percent, from an average of $718 to $496 per incident, but identity thieves are moving much more quickly.
  • Women were 26 more likely to be victims of identity theft than men in 2008.
  • "Low-tech" methods of theft are still popular among identity thieves: 43 percent of identity theft incidents were linked to lost or stolen wallets, checkbooks and credit/debit cards
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